Disney Dreamlight Valley trailer reveals new life simulation game

The French video game publisher Gameloft has unveiled an upcoming simulation game that is the dream of all Disney and Pixar fans. Disney Valley of Dreams is a free adventure game that will transport you to the world where you will discover enchanted places and meet some of your favorite characters from animation history.

This story-driven hybrid game will allow players to create their own custom avatar and enter an enchanting dream world with a mission to restore a now desolate village to its former glory. During your adventure, you’ll uncover hidden secrets and explore various landscapes reminiscent of some you’ve seen in popular movies. You will also be able to meet and make friends with characters from Mickey and his friends, The Lion King, The little Mermaid, Moana, toy story, Ratatouille, Frozen and so many others. Moreover, players can not only customize their characters but also design villages and houses in this whole magical world.


In the trailer, you can see the player avatar participating in a variety of different activities, from fishing with Goofy to taking a selfie with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff. It also showcases the huge array of customization options for avatars and their homes, which is certainly reminiscent of one of the well-known life simulation games like The Sims or animal crossing.

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Manea Castetresponsible for the game Disney Valley of Dreams released a statement saying, “Our development team are one big family of Disney and Pixar fans and have put all our passion into the development of Disney Valley of Dreams, especially in how we portray the characters and their story arcs. We can’t wait for fans to join Early Access this summer and help us bring this new, ever-evolving Disney and Pixar-inspired world to our enthusiastic community.

Indeed, if you want to be among the first players to discover this magical simulation game, you can try it this summer as part of the Early Access of a Founders Pack or, alternatively, by being an Xbox Game Pass member. before the game is released. free launch next year. During this initial phase, players with early access will be able to enjoy exclusive rewards that they can keep even after the game is released.

Disney Valley of Dreams is slated for a 2023 launch, but the game will be in constant development even after release, with new content added regularly. The game will be supported on all platforms including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles. Versions of the simulator for Mac and PC will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store.


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