Director Eric Goldberg Talks “Goofy About How To Stay Home”, Points Out Some Easter Eggs


Goofy is back with three new shorts from Walt Disney Animation Studios on August 11 at Disney introduces Goofy in How to Stay Home. Directed by Eric Goldberg (Pocahontas), the responsible hand of Genie in Aladdin, the animation legend recently spoke about his passion for the series after the screening of one of the short films, “Learning to Cook”.


“I’ve always loved Goofy,” Eric Goldberg said of his enthusiasm for telling three new Goofy stories. “He’s always positive, he always arrives with a smile. I’ve thought for everything we’ve all been through over the past year and a half, who better to make us laugh about than Goofy? He’s kind of a regular Disney man, if you will, but he’ll always filter it through his own crazy logic. “

One of Eric Goldberg’s animation mentors in his early days at Disney was Art Babbitt, the man responsible for some of the best Goofy short films ever made. “I feel a personal attachment to the character of Goofy,” Goldberg added before sharing that he presented several ideas to Jennifer Lee last fall. In addition to “Learning to Cook”, there is “Binge Watching” and “How to Wear a Mask”, the latter being personally hosted by Eric Goldberg.

Mark Henn (Ariel, Beautiful, Jasmine) on “Binge Watching” and Randy Haycock (Prince naveen) on “Learn to cook”. There is also an aural connection to the original Goofy shorts from the Walt era. “Our editor, Brian Millman, has been great in bringing sound effects to the table. For those of you who don’t know, one of the great sound effects artists of the past was Jimmy MacDonald. We still have the Jimmy McDonalds sound effects collection in our library. Brian used as many of these as possible to make all of our Goofy sound effects sound great.

Voicing Goofy, as he’s been doing for over thirty years, is Disney legend Bill Farmer. “He absolutely channels this character, it was so much fun working with him,” Goldberg revealed. “Corey Burton did the voice of the narrator. Really, in these films very much inspired by Jack Kenny’s ‘How-To’ cartoons from the 1940s, the narrator is as much of a character as Goofy. It’s this pretentious moron who talks disdainfully about his Goofy topic while guiding him to the next place. It was just fun all around. It really was, and we had a blast doing it.

Avid Disney Animation fans might notice a few familiar moments from the past. “There are Easter eggs,” added Eric Goldber. “In fact, in ‘Learn to Cook’, Goofy wears the same outfit he wears in ‘Mickey’s birthday party‘when it is used to bake Mickey’s cake. And the music that goes with his kitchen montage is the music for “Mickey’s Birthday Party”, the same music he has when he prepares his stuff. We have all kinds of little jokes like that.

Keep your eyes and ears open as you watch the three shorts from Disney introduces Goof in How to Stay Home, aired on August 11 on Disney +.

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