DC: 10 movie heroes exactly like Flash

DC Comics’ Flash is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. On the one hand, he is the original speedster. Beginning in the Golden Age (as Jay Garrick), alongside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, he was a founding member of the Justice Society of America before helping to form the Justice League. He’s also at the forefront of many cultural changes in comics, such as the arrival of Barry Allen as the second Flash, marking the start of the Silver Age, and Allen’s subsequent sacrifice. being the catalyst that ended. Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Sparkle also has a hit show on the CW, was a fan favorite on the late Justice League animated series, and has a highly anticipated DCEU film starring a returning Michael Keaton as Batman on the Horizon. But, speaking of movies and speedsters, there are other characters out there who have the exact same powers as the beloved Scarlet Speedster.

11 Quicksilver is essentially Marvel’s Flash

DoFP Quicksilver

Beginnings in the years 1964 X Men # 4, Quicksilver (aka Pietro Maximoff) is a mutant. Except its MCU version in Age of Ultron, it is also Magneto’s son. With the power of super-speed, it’s similar to DC’s The Flash. In fact, he pretty much looks like The Flash. Even the visualizations of Flash’s super speed in the CW and DCEU versions of the character are inspired by how Brian Singer and Joss Whedon visualized them in X-Men: Days of Future Past and the above Avengers: Age of Ultron, respectively.

ten Makkari is Marvel’s other flash

Lauren Ridloff as Makkari in Eternals

Makkari made his live-action debut this year with Marvel’s the eternal (played by deaf actress, Lauren Ridloff). Like The Flash (and Marvel’s other speedster, Quicksilver), Makkari has the power of super-speed.

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Towards the end of the film, Makkari uses his speed to travel around the world on multiple occasions, making him a very formidable speedster. However, it remains to be seen if it’s quick enough to run up against different dimensions and timelines.

9 Dash is a Kid Flash (but not “the” Kid Flash)

incredibles dashboard

Enthusiastic Dash Parr is the resident speedster – and middle child – of the overpowered Parr family. As seen in the 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles (damn, has it been really that long?) Dash is a talented speedster. He is able to run completely undetected even when registered (much to his dismayed teacher), as well as outrun high-tech aerial vehicles and bullets. And due to the fact that he’s so young, he could potentially fine tune his speed powers to achieve The Flash’s formidable feats – or beyond!

8 Sonic the Hedgehog is rodent flash

Sonic the hedgehog movie

seven Speedy Gonzalez is another rodent flash

Speedy Gonzales is a Mexican mouse chipper and one of the fastest characters in Looney Tunes universe (hence the name). Speedy was last seen in Space Jam: new legacy To do Matrix-like quick moves with LeBron James (due to licenses from Warner Bros.), but even in the original cartoons, Speedy was a formidable speedster who passed everyone trying to catch him.

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Of course there is another Looney Tunes speedster in Road Runner. However, unlike Road Runner, Gonzales is a hero (rather than an animal trying to survive in the wild) who often uses his super speed to save his rodent brothers from cats and other dangers.

6 Hammy the squirrel is yet another rodent flash

Hammy the squirrel on the hedge

Hammy the Squirrel from Dreamworks Animated Feature Above the limit is played by a hyperactive Steve Carrell. Hammy himself is a naïve and sympathetic – albeit boring at times – squirrel who gains speed while drinking soda. Once he’s drunk some bubbly pop, he runs so fast that time seems to stand still for everyone but him. This is similar to how The Flash sees time when it runs – specifically the scene where he saves Iris in Zack Snyder. Justice League.

5 Silver Charge is the Disney Channel Flash

money load up and go disney

Up, up and far was a 2000 Disney Channel original film about a family of superheroes. It starred Robert Townsend (Meteor Man) and Sherman Hensley (The Jeffersons). The movie itself focused on Scott Marshall (played by Michael J. Pagan) who was the only powerless member of his family. Meanwhile, his older brother Silver Charge (played by Kasan Butcher) was the Speedster of the group (he also had technomancy powers). Like Flash, he runs very fast, causes an electric charge, and is a superhero in red tights.

4 Santa Claus is Christmas Flash

The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell played the rare sexy Santa in Netflix’s 2018 family holiday movie Christmas Chronicles. However, the most important similarities to The Flash are found at the end of the film. As time is running out before Christmas is over, Santa is using his super speed to travel the world and deliver all the gifts in no time. Now who else wears red, travels the world with ease, and – despite their speed – usually saves the day just in time?

3 Metro Man is Dreamworks Flash

Metro Man sees Roxanne and Megamind in Megamind

The Dreamworks CG 2010 animated feature film Megamind is about the goofy supervillain Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell) accidentally killing his arch-rival, the Superman-esque Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt) and has to deal with the aftermath of that. However (SPOILERS), Metro Man survived and simply faked his own death. Like Sonic and Quicksilver (and Flash), Metro Man was able to move so quickly that he had an entire day to himself, though it seemed like a second for everyone (including the titular Megamind).

2 Neo is a cyberpunk flash

the cropped neo-flying matrix

While in The Matrix, Neo is one of the fastest characters on this list. While the audience didn’t see him run very fast, they saw him fly so fast that he cracked the code. At one point, it left a trail of cars and debris in its sonic wake. Even Flash can’t do it!

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Additionally, Neo can pass through objects (for example, when he heals Trinity in Reloaded) the same as Flash – a feat no one else on this list can do.

1 Zoom is Flash if he was Tim Allen

Tim Allen Zoom

years 2006 Zoom: Superhero Academy follows Tim Allen as Captain Zoom. A hapless former superhero who has lost all of his powers, Zoom is forced to deal with a group of misfit overpowered teens in a secret government facility. Over the course of the film, the teens and the cranky Zoom learn to bond (as you might expect).

However, for most of the run, Zoom cannot access his superpowers. It’s only at the end of the movie – during the climactic fight with the villain – Zoom rushes in with his new super-speed to help save the kids and save the day. Just like Flash.

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