Concept art from Disney’s Strange World movie teases a new alien universe

Concept art for Disney’s upcoming animated film depicts a stunning alien universe and gives audiences a glimpse of two characters from the film.

Walt Disney Animation Studios has unveiled concept art for its new animated feature film, Strange world. Disney has seen success with a few other animated films in the Company’s collection this year, such as Luca and more recently, Encanto. A film released this year, Raya and the last dragon, has more in common with Strange world that it seems.

Strange world will be led by Don Hall (Great hero 6) and co-director / screenwriter Qui Nguyen. This duo also collaborated on the aforementioned film, Raya and the last dragon, with Hall as co-director and Nguyen as co-writer. The announcement, published on the Disney Animation The Twitter account also came up with some new concept art, offering a first look at the fantasy alien world and two characters that will be featured in the film. At first glance, the protagonists will explore this strangely breathtaking universe and come face to face with the creatures that inhabit it. Discover the concept art in its entirety below:


The strange world of disney

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According to Hall, Strange world is a nod to pulp magazines. For those unfamiliar with the term, “pulp magazines” refer to popular fiction from the turn of the 20th century, printed on inexpensive pulp paper. “I loved reading old pulp numbers growing up“Hall recalls in a statement,”These were great adventures in which a group of explorers could discover a hidden world or ancient creatures. “The director referred to these magazines as being a massive inspiration for the film.

With a renowned filmmaker at the head of this project, and Roy Conli (Tangled) producing, it will be exciting to see what the talented team comes up with. Disney enthusiasts and sci-fi fans alike can add this family-friendly animation to their 2022 watchlist. Strange worldThe official release date for is set for November 23 of next year.

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