Ciao Alberto trailer reveals animated sequel to Pixar’s Luca


Here’s a whale from a tale: Alberto, from Disney and Pixar Luca, gets his own derivative short titled Ciao Alberto. In a trailer released today by Disney, fans will learn about Alberto’s life with Massimo in Portorosso. We see Alberto as he writes a postcard to his best friend, Luca, and gives him updates on his new life where he enjoys his job and catches huge amounts of fish, describing himself as “the greatest fisherman of the world “. Alberto is also seen delivering fish via a bicycle wagon to the villagers, playing soccer with other children (with his sea monster advantage) and making tomato sauce for Massimo – which turns out to be. wrong.

Alberto was first introduced to us in Luca which came out earlier this year. Part sea monster, part teenager, befriended the main character and the two became quick friends. Alberto took Luca, who was also a sea monster, under his wing to introduce him to the human world, something Alberto knew well and was delighted to share with his new friend.

Alberto has long faced loneliness living in a lighthouse after being abandoned by his father as a child and forced to live alone. Despite these emotional setbacks, Alberto enjoys having a good time and clings to the desire to someday drive a Vespa.


Image via Disney

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Seeing Alberto happy and successful will be an exciting sight for the fans who rooted the character. He seems to be very happy and settled into his new home, which will be even more evident in the new short.

For more on Alberto’s new adventures, check out the trailer below and be sure to stream the new original short when he swims on Disney + starting November 12. And if you haven’t seen it Luca, you can also stream this on Disney + ahead of the animated short‘s release.



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