“Big City Greens” will premiere its third season on February 12, 2022 on Disney Channel

Remy, Cricket and Tilly in a scene from “Big City Greens”. The series airs on Disney Channel. (Courtesy of Disney)

Shane and Chris Houghton are living their wildest dreams.

The brothers are the masterminds behind the Disney Channel animated series, “Big City Greens.” The series will premiere its third season at 7 a.m. on Saturday, February 12 on Disney Channel. New episodes come out Saturday.

The series is influenced by the Houghtons’ childhood in the small, rural town of St. Johns, Michigan, with locations and characters inspired by their family members and real-life townspeople and their experiences leaving rural farmland for life. universities in major cities.

“Big City Greens” premiered in 2018, and in 2021 the Houghtons entered into an overall deal with Disney Television Animation.

“To be involved with Disney, we know the sky is the limit,” says Shane Houghton. “It’s been a long journey and we see how the show is impacting audiences.”

The new season brings a big change for optimistic mischief-maker Cricket Green, who has moved from the countryside to the big city with his madly displaced family: hardworking father Bill, sweet and sour Gramma Alice and eccentric older sister Tilly , who later in season three will participate in a rite of passage event, a green-only style event.

The first and second seasons are available on Disney+.

The brothers have come a long way to make “Big City Greens” into a series.

Shane Houghton and Chris Houghton are the creators and executive producers of Disney Channel’s “Big City Greens.” (Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel)

“Shane and I were driving home and we were in the studio in Glendale, California in 2016,” Chris Houghton said. “We had just embarked on storyboard pitches. We could feel something magical happening. I remember thinking very early on that this project could have a meaning.

Shane Houghton says the project has always had potential and has grown slowly and continues to find new audiences.

“I just heard that my neighbors just discovered ‘Big City Greens’,” he says. “They keep quoting the show. And the show has been great at helping kids through the pandemic.

Chris Houghton has always wanted the show to be a place where audiences can come together and learn.

“We always wanted the show to be accessible,” says Chris Houghton.

Shane Houghton says “Big City Greens” has appeal for all ages.

“We were really into sitcoms when we were kids,” he explains. “We were a ‘Family Matters’ house and our whole family watched Carl Winslow and Steve Urkel. My dad was laughing at something and so was I even though I didn’t understand it. We enjoyed it together and that’s the spirit we bring to Big City Greens. With Disney Channel, we can involve all ages in watching the series.

As the show helps audiences navigate the pandemic, the Houghton brothers say they’ve had to adapt to creating new content in new ways.

“The workplace environment has changed so much and we’re all working from home,” says Chris Houghton. “We all go through so much upheaval. We need to make sure we communicate in order to meet our deadlines. It’s a juggling number. I feel like we’re on the other side of things now.

Shane Houghton missed the loss of creative collaboration found in the office.

“When you’re working from home, you have to schedule a Zoom meeting or pick up the phone to bounce someone else’s ideas,” he says. “It’s something I really miss.”

The brothers recently took another big step by joining the echelon of format-hopping creative talent as their popular series shoots a musical for Disney Channel and Disney+.

“Big City Greens” also received a fourth season order from Disney Channel, clocking in at more than 100 episodes for the Daytime Emmy-winning, Annie Award-nominated comedy. The announcement was made by Ayo Davis, president of Disney Branded Television, a content engine for Disney+ and Disney Channels.

“Chris, Shane and their team made this easy decision because they constantly turn their source of bold ideas into entertainment that connects with kids and families and attracts animation fans around the world,” Davis says. “They are an important part of our television animation studio which, guided by Meredith Roberts and her exceptional team, is key to the creative footprint and success of our group. Whether I’m at work or at home with my family, I join the millions of viewers around the world who are eagerly anticipating all that “Big City Greens” has in store.

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