Best Klasky Csupo Series Ranked, From Rugrats to Rocket Power

Founded by Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupoworkshop Klasky Csupo dominated the American animation landscape throughout the 90s and early 2000s. After making it big by producing the first seasons of The simpsonsthe studio continued to produce hit after hit of lovingly ugly alternate artwork with a focus on characters like Rugrats and Ahhh!!! real monstersbecoming not only Nickelodeon‘s goose, but one of television’s most defining creative forces.

Between diapers, ducks and surfer guys, here is a ranking of the eight animated series by Klasky Csupo!

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8. All Grown Up (2003)

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Putting it lightly, All grown up was a show that was unnecessary. Born from the original Rugrats The series’ 10th anniversary special, “All Grown Up” serves as a time-hopping sequel to the Nicktoon classic, following baby Pickles and company through their preteen years as they navigate worldly suburbia and college. As you age the Rugrats gang up, the original character appeal and premise had been entirely lost and replaced by the numbers-based teen sitcom genre that was already dominating Nickelodeon with shows like Drake and Josh and Zoe 101. All grown upThe biggest flaw of was that it felt like it was born out of an executive think tank looking to renew the long-running series without understanding what made its childish worldview special in the first place.

7. The Crazy Adventures of Ronald McDonald (1998)

picture the wacky adventures of ronald mcdonald
Picture via VHS

To answer both questions, yes it is real and no it is not something collectively imagined in a childhood fever dream. Sold as a series of VHS tapes at participating McDonald’s restaurants in the late 1990s and early 2000s, The Crazy Adventures of Ronald McDonald delivers exactly what it promises as business promotion and more. Formatted as a live-action/cartoon-like hybrid show The Super Mario Brothers Super Show, the series takes the iconic fast-food clown and his menagerie of mascot friends (Hamburglar, Grimace, and more) to bustling McDonaldland where they embark on downright bizarre misadventures, complete with ghosts, aliens, and islands. deserted. For what was apparently produced as glorified Happy Meal prizes in the box, Wacky Adventures managed to make more of an impression with the absurdity and borderline hallucinogenic style than expected to make it a nostalgic revisit.

6. Rocket Power (1999)

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While most Nicktoons have been able to maintain their timeless quality decades after their debut, rocket power is firmly and charmingly a product of its time. Launched in 1999, and boy does it show, the series follows a team of SoCal kids who live to the extreme every day as they surf, skate, and play in their seaside pier town. series of this type reside in a town that may quietly be a suburb of any town in Anywhere, USA, but rocket power is proudly set in a California beach town and lovingly caricatures the grungy, faded features of its cityscape and citizens. Watching any typical episode today, there’s also no shortage of early 2000s slang, music, and humor that make it a charming capsule of the era and its setting. While at first glance the series may seem like a hollow attempt to appeal to hip youth culture and extreme sports, the characters and their relationships made each episode a pleasure to watch even without the sports action.

5. As Told by Ginger (2000)

as said by ginger
Picture via Nickelodeon

As Ginger tells is the teenage chronicle that All grown up was trying to be. Created by Emilie Kapnekthe series followed Ginger Foutley (Melissa Disney) and his fellow outcasts as they go through high school one day at a time. As with other shows of the genre like MTV Darya or Nickelodeon’s Hi Arnold, Ginger took a compassionate look at the trials of young adulthood. What did Ginger endearing was in the way he sought to dissolve the clique constructs and preconceptions of society. While Ginger and her friends were indeed wallflowers, they were able to mingle with friends and form relationships with classmates far outside their comfort zone and even income level. Just like the Macy Gray theme song says, Ginger defended that, regardless of social status, friendships can always be made with “different, but exactly the same” people.

4. The Wild Thornberrys (1998)

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The Wild Thornberrys is the most comprehensive animated nature show. The series follows a family of documentarians who travel the world to connect with the animal kingdom, especially their youngest daughter Eliza (Lacey Chabert), who is able to secretly talk to animals in their language. Each episode centers on a new lovable creature and a new location as Eliza, along with the audience, learns more about their place in the ecosystem and how they survive it. Deceptively educational, the series made a point of featuring animals and places that ventured far beyond what its young audience knew, from lone Galápagos tortoises to Asian snow leopards. In five seasons, a film and a Rugrats crossing, wild thornberries may have been just as sensitive to the balance of nature as it was an exuberant adventure.

3. Ahhh!!! Real Monsters (1994)

Picture via Nickelodeon

Along with a creator-driven animation revolution, the 90s saw a spike in cartoons that indulged in the macabre and deranged. In the decade when Tim Burton and The Addams Family popularized family suburban terror, Aaahh!!! real monsters became Nickelodeon’s monstrously modest hit that made the awful hilarious. Previous Pixar Monsters. Inc. Almost eight years old, the series features a trio of wannabe monsters as they prowl the sewers and all the way to the human world to encounter a daily quota of scares and mayhem. The charming and grotesque design language that runs through each of Klasky Csupo’s productions is fully embraced here, as the series features some of the most distinct and hideous monsters in 90s animation. visual gags that it is not possible to fill a sewer pipe, Aaahh!!! real monsters is a terrifically fun Nicktoon.

2. Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man (1994)

Image via Klasky Csupo

One of Klasky Csupo’s only adult series, duck was far ahead of its time. Created by designer EverettPeckthe american series played Jason Alexander as a loud-mouthed water bird who, among a long list of obscenities and atrocities, solves crimes as a private investigator in partnership with a pig and two politically sensitive teddy bears. At a time when adult animation was just beginning to take shape as a result of The simpsons, duckThe fractured view of humanity through the eyes of a manic-depressive duck has been able to balance biting satire and genuine sincerity in each of its 70 episodes, more than other adult cartoon hopefuls. of short time. Less focused series were exaggerated and gross duck successfully cast in characterization, making its comedy lust stronger through the show’s brilliant writing and voice acting.

1. Rugrats (1991/2021)

Rugrats 2x1

Unquestionably the studios most iconic work and one of the first three Nicktoons, Rugrats was Nickelodeon’s defining show for the 90s. The series showed life from the perspective of babies and how they naively interpret everyday scenarios as upsetting events. The second oldest Nicktoon behind Sponge Bob SquarePants, Rugrats was able to rack up a nine-season tenure, three movies, and a 2021 CGI reboot solely by the charming strength of its characters and wise beyond its years of writing. Despite their ages, Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the rest of the characters had fully developed personalities that worked naturally with each other, whether telling the Passover story or processing every mundane activity into a larger adventure. than nature. The series has wowed kids and adults alike for its entire run for how much the characters have spoken to each generation, with even Steven Spielberg describing the show as “the Peanuts television of our time”.


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