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Nickelodeon delves deeper into the world of Baby Shark.

The ViacomCBS point of sale has renewed The Great Baby Shark Show for a second season and is also in the early stages of development of a feature film based on the pop culture phenomenon. The preschool series is halfway through its 26-episode first season (season two will feature the same number of installments) and was the second most-watched show among children aged 5 and under in the second quarter of 2021, behind only Nickelodeon. Paw Patrol.

“It all started with a great song and grew from there,” said Nickelodeon Animation president Ramsey Naito. Hollywood journalist in an interview. “It’s so exciting that we can build on this success with a huge event [in the feature film], which we are just starting to talk about.

The film will be co-produced by Nickelodeon Animation and SmartStudy, the company behind Pinkfong, the children’s entertainment brand that made the song “Baby Shark” a pop culture phenomenon. Although this is just the start, Naito and Pinkfong USA CEO Bin Jeong said THR that they want to further expand the world of the character of Baby Shark in the film.

“We are very excited to present the very first Baby Shark movie with Nickelodeon,” Jeong said. “This will be an opportunity for us to present new events in Baby Shark’s life that have never been explored before. It will always be in the central world, but it’s an opportunity for us to see what else we can do.

Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” video is the most watched YouTube video of all time, currently at 8.9 billion views. Jeong said there was a “bit of magic” in the way it spread across languages, countries and age groups.

“You can do everything right and not touch it [level]. So it’s a little bit of magic, ”Jeong said. “But when you try to analyze it, it’s first based on a traditional singalong song, and we gave it a new twist. We gave it a more modern, more pop melody and rhythm. And also behind the song was the character of Baby Shark and his family that people immediately fell in love with. “

It was also a big part of the appeal for Nickelodeon, Naito said, “We want to be home to great intellectual property that speaks to children and families around the world. So when we partnered with Pinkfong, we immediately started building a storyline that appeals to families.

“We knew the song would appeal to everyone, because everyone knows it. But we felt like the show was really centered around Baby Shark and his family, his community, his group of friends, and in building that family, we also built friendly characters, … villains and supervillains. that create conflict and growth within these great relationships. It’s a long way to say that it all started with a song that everyone liked, and we felt like it was an opportunity to tell a story that fit right into a preschool demo and that appealed to families. “

Gary “Doodles” DiRaffaele and Tommy Sica are the executive producers The Great Baby Shark Show, with Whitney Ralls as co-executive producer. Eryk Casemiro, senior vice president of Nickelodeon Preschool, oversees production; Nickelodeon Animation Studio produces.

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