Approved by the president of the Poughkeepsie Youth Center run by Nickelodeon


State-of-the-art, $ 10 million youth opportunity center comes to the Hudson Valley.

On Monday, the Dutchess County Legislature authorized a land deal and a $ 10 million request from Dutchess County Director Marc Molinaro to begin work on creating a youth opportunity center at the cutting edge technology in the town of Poughkeepsie.

The center, which will be built on the former YMCA site on Montgomery Street, will be a multi-purpose facility that will focus on recreational, educational and healthy opportunities – both physical and mental – for young people, officials said.

The center will also be a staple of the county’s Path to Promise initiative which uses strategic means to ensure that all young people in Dutchess County have the assets they need to reach their full potential as they become young adults.

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“Just as we have transformed mental health services and led a national movement to change the way we care and support people with intellectual and physical disabilities, we will begin to set a new example, create new opportunities and help the children of Dutchess County and their families. in new ways, ”Molinaro said. “We are partnering with a passionate coalition of pioneers and are committed to being reborn in our inner cities, connecting with our suburban and rural communities, and establishing a new foundation upon which we will harness passion, professionalism and leadership. potential of this team – and will help our children and their families embark on a new path to promise for generations to come.

On Monday, two months after the town of Poughkeepsie approved the sale of the property to Dutess County for $ 10, Dutchess County lawmakers authorized acceptance of the property. The legislature also authorized the county to spend $ 10 million of US bailout funds for the centre’s initial costs, which will include the demolition of the old YMCA building and site remediation, design services and $ 1.5 million for construction.

Once the estimated construction costs are determined, the Molinaro County executive will ask the county legislature to authorize a $ 15 million bond to complete the county’s $ 25 million commitment to the project.

“The time has come to build this center. The county has made a strong commitment to its youth through the Path to Promise initiative, and a youth center is a wise investment that will pay dividends for the county in the future. I am proud that the Legislature is taking this bold step to create a youth center that promises to serve as a role model for the region and beyond, ”said Legislative Speaker Gregg Pulver.

A non-profit group led by former Nickelodeon president Geraldine Laybourne has been asked to run the 24-hour child development center.

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