Animated fantasy drama Fox Hawkmaster in the works


Fox is developing Hawkmaster, a fantasy animated drama series developed by Brave co-director Mark Andrews and former Pixar colleague Andrew Gordon.

Fox goes ahead with Falcon master, a fantasy animated drama series developed by Pixar veterans Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon.

The network has entered into a script deal for Falcon master Andrews, Gordon and Israeli producer Oded Turgeman, reported Deadline. An original project, Falcon master “takes place in a fantasy world, where knights ride giant birds of prey, and Kess, a young woman who has always dreamed of flying, meets a mysterious hawk without her rider and soon finds herself caught up in a dangerous plot to kill the queen With the help of the Four Winds, renegade knights banished from the kingdom, Kess will discover what it means to be a knight and entrust his life to his winged companion.

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Andrews won an Oscar for co-directing Pixar’s animated fantasy adventure in 2012 Courageous and received an Oscar nomination for co-directing the studio’s animated short in 2005 One man band. He was also a screenwriter and editor on Genndy Tartakovsky’s animated show. Jack Samurai, as well as a scriptwriter on Tartakovsky’s 2D animation Clone wars micro-series. On the live-action side, Andrews was a screenwriter on Sam Raimi Spider Man (2002) and co-wrote Disney’s box office flop in 2012 John carter.

Gordon will be the executive producer Falcon master, with Andrews serving as both screenwriter and executive producer. The first worked at Pixar for twenty years, as an animator on The life of an insect (1998), Monsters Inc. (2001), Ratatouille (2007), and Courageous, among many other animated feature films. Most recently, Gordon was the head of character animation on Ron went wrong, an animated sci-fi comedy 20th Century Studios is releasing this month.

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Hawk master is part of Fox’s initiative to expand its animated programming, which includes the development of more animated series aimed at older viewers. The network is also working on a NIMH animated series based on the books that inspired Don Bluth’s classic 1982 animated film The secret of NIMH and the mythological comic series by Dan Harmon Krapopolis, which is the first animated show staged on the blockchain. “We love our family shows, they’re iconic, but we’re looking to go beyond family and start exploring more dramatic things,” said Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment.

Fox has yet to announce a premiere date for Falcon master.

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Source: Deadline

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