AI Makes John Wick A Surprisingly Brilliant Pixar Movie In A Weird Crossover

John Wick is re-imagined for a Pixar-style poster. Co-directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, the 2014 film John Wick was a surprise hit, racking up $86 million at the worldwide box office. Since the success of the first film, the team led by Keanu Reeves John Wick the franchise went on to spawn two sequels – John Wick: Chapter 2 and JOhn Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – with two more sequels, a spin-off, and a prequel series on the way. Despite its killer-laden premise, the John Wick the movies tell a surprisingly heartwarming story about a man and his dog.


The first one John Wick the film centers on the main character of Reeves, a retired assassin mourning the loss of his wife who is robbed by a group of aggressive men who steal his car and kill his dog, which was a gift from his wife. Over the course of the film, Wick returns to his old trade and hunts down the men, revealed to be linked to the head of the Russian crime syndicate. The Russians fear Wick because of his reputation and try in vain to protect themselves, as he avenges his dog. With the following properties delving deeper into the franchise’s underground assassin lore, fans can’t wait to see what surprises we have in store in Wick jeans 4.

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Capitalizing on the comforting nature of films, the artist BossLogic posts a fascinating poster on Twitter that takes John Wickits wholesomeness to a new level. The artist explains that he typed “(john wick pixar poster)” in the AI ​​SLAB 2, and the resulting poster has to be seen to be believed. See the post below:

Does a John Wick-Pixar crossover really make sense?

Although a John Wick and the Pixar crossover is extremely unexpected, due to the dark and gritty nature of the old, there are aspects of the franchise that would work well for Pixar’s light-hearted universe, like John’s touching relationship with his dog. Plus, there are dark elements and heavy emotional moments in many Pixar films, which ultimately makes the lighter ones look softer in comparison. Given Pixar’s fixation on stories that focus on personal growth and coming of age, a John Wick –A Pixar-style movie could potentially center him overcoming the loss of his wife by finding new purpose in life, reconnecting with old allies, and forming a touching bond with a new, furry friend, similar to At the top. Of course, there would be a lot less bloodshed in the Pixar version of John Wick, which would certainly require an overhaul of the violent original story.

John Wick isn’t the first adult property to be reimagined in Pixar style, with breaking Bad and even Extraterrestrial getting the Pixar fan treatment. The trend speaks to innate humor by taking something dark and gritty and turning it into its opposite, providing a fun contrast and allowing fans to imagine a happier world for beloved characters. It’s unlikely that John will be able to find his way into the happy world of Pixar in John Wick: Chapter 4but the movie will at least showcase the charming bond between the assassin and man’s best friend.

Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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