After Reports of Alleged LGBTQ+ Changes to Pixar Movies, Members of Another Disney Project Share More Claims

Over the past week, The Walt Disney Company and its CEO, Bob Chapek, have come under intense scrutiny for being slow to respond as the Florida Senate passed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. which would ban “classroom discussions about sexual orientation or gender”. identity.” Disney employees have planned walkouts to protest the company, alongside other recent statements from Marvel Studios and Pixar. In light of this, three former staffers from an abandoned Disney project have shared their own experiences with the House of Mouse.

Pixar took a look at its parent company last Wednesday when the animation studio shared that Disney’s corporate critics were “ripping to shreds” Pixar’s attempts to include more LGBTQ+ scenarios in his movies. Looks like another animation studio has dealt with a similar story: Blue Sky Studios.

This is the animation studio behind spies in disguise, Ice Age and the Rio movies. Blue Sky Studios was inherited by the Walt Disney Company in 2019 with the acquisition of Fox before Disney decided to shut it down last year. In the midst of this, the animation house was developing an adaptation of Nimonawhich was originally a graphic novel by ND Stevenson. Nimona focuses on a gender-nonconforming protagonist and other LGBTQ+ themes.

According to a report by Business InternBlue Sky staff members familiar with meetings between Disney and Blue Sky recall that Disney management had an issue with the LGBTQ+ elements of Nimona, in particular the homosexual kiss. During a reunion in mid-2020, the Blue Sky hosts reportedly felt “pressure” to pull the kiss, but still hoped the scene would be part of the film.

According to anonymous Blue Sky staff members, who preferred to remain anonymous to “protect future career prospects”, Disney’s reaction to NimonaThe queer themes of “caused an eerie atmosphere” at Blue Sky, particularly among LGBTQ+ staff members. Nimona had to be released in January 2022, among this year’s movie list. However, upon completion of its production, Disney shut down the studio and the film remains unreleased to this day. A former Blue Sky staff member also said this:

When the world’s largest entertainment company creates content for kids and systematically censors queer content, it pushes queer kids into dark places.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has decided not to take a stand against the Florida legislation. On March 7, Bob Chapek emailed the entire company in response to concerns about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, stating that “the best way for our company to bring about change sustainability goes through the inspiring content we produce, the welcoming culture we create and the various community organizations we support”.

Blue Sky Studios speaking alongside Pixar and Marvel Studios shows more people associated with The Walt Disney Company are ready to speak out about its handling of LGBTQ+ stories at a time when Florida bill could censor the community.

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