10 Worst Pixar Movies, Ranked According To IMDb

Pixar has been releasing animation hits since the release of its first blockbuster film, Toy story, in 1995. Along with the release of countless acclaimed films, several iconic characters were created. Some examples include Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. and Tow Mater by Cars.

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With any successful movie studio, there must be a few flops. While some of these movies aren’t necessarily terrible, they just didn’t fare well with critics for a variety of reasons. Some had nonchalant storytelling or confusing plot elements.

ten Luca is based on the creature from the 1954 film from the Black Lagoon – 7.5

Disney pixar luca

Luca is Pixar’s latest film, released in June 2021 on Disney +. Luca is based on the 1954 live-action film Creature from the black lagoon by Universal International. Luca follows the life of a sea monster in the small Italian town of Portorosso in the late 1950s.

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Luca is a goat farmer who meets adventurer Alberto, who encourages him to step out of his comfort zone. Sea monsters transform into humans when they reach the surface and end up living happily with humans after Portorosso is cut.

9 Onward follows two elven brothers on a journey – 7.4

ian and barley are moved while holding their father's magic staff

Forward was released in February 2020, a few weeks before the start of containment. The pandemic meant the film wasn’t exactly a financial success. Forward follows the life of two elven brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot. Unlike his brother, Ian is socially awkward and shy about doing most things. After Ian and Barley embark on a quest to temporarily bring back their deceased father, Ian gains self-confidence. The quest strengthens the relationship between him and his brother.

8 Finding Dory is an acceptable derivative sequence – 7.3

Disney's Finding Dory.

Finding Dory is the 2016 spin-off of the hugely successful Discovery Nemo. Finding Dory revolves around Dory’s quest to find her parents, rather than Marlin’s quest to find her son. With the praise of The world of Nemo, it was hard for Finding Dory to perform as well as its predecessor. While Finding Dory sports a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it scores 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

“Therefore, it’s a relief to note that the follow-up has a lot of emotional hooks, a few big lines, and isn’t stinky, although it just follows what amounts to the same current plot as before,” Susan Wloszczyna said in a review for Roger Ebert.

seven Monsters University is Pixar’s only prequel – 7.2

Mike walks on college campus

Monster college is the 2013 prequel to the popular movie Monsters Inc, making it the only prequel released by Pixar. Monster college details the college lives of the main characters, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan on their journeys as rivals turned best friends. Sulley is in a fraternity called Roar Omega Roar, while Mike is in Oozma Kappa. The two will face off in a scary competition.

Monster college, which portrays Mike, the one-eyed goblin of Billy Crystal and Sully, the master of John Goodman’s fuzzy blue scaring as they frequent Scare U, is true to the spirit of the original film, Monsters Inc., and matches his tone. But he never seems to be content to return to the old ground, ”Matt Zoller Seitz said of Roger Ebert in a review.

6 The life of an insect is based on a fable by Aesop – 7.2

Princess Atta in the Life of an Insect

The life of an insect is the second film released by Pixar Animation Studios in 1998. Inspired by Aesop’s fable, The ant and the grasshopper, the life of an insect details the life of an ant colony and focuses on the disturbing protagonist, Flik. Flik knocks down the vicious grasshopper’s food offering while testing an invention.

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Hopper, the evil grasshopper chef, wants to double the amount of food Flik spilled, so he sets out on a quest to fulfill his request. Flik saves the day when Hopper is defeated and begins a relationship with Princess Atta.

5 The first cars are the best rated among the three installments – 7.1

Mater Mcqueen trailer

by Pixar Cars stars Owen Wilson as star racing car Lightning McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy as his best friend, Mater. Cars is Paul Newman’s last acting role before his death, Newman plays Doc Hudson. While the original Cars is the highest rated episode of the series, it’s not one of the highest rated Pixar movies, according to IMDb.

“An animated fable about happy cars might have made sense before gasoline hit three dollars a gallon, but even an earlier sticker date couldn’t shake the underlying goosebumps of the story.” , said Manohla Dargis in a review for New York Times.

4 Brave presents outstanding soundtrack but mixed reviews – 7.1

Merida finds a wisp

2012 Courageous follows the life of Princess Merida, who lives in DunBroch, a fictional kingdom located in the Scottish Highlands. Courageous made Pixar history by starring its first princess and female protagonist. Courageous won the Oscar for best animated feature. Despite its excellent soundtrack, Courageous remains one of IMDb’s lowest-rated Pixar movies. “The good news is kids are likely going to love it, and the bad news is parents will be disappointed if they hope for another Pixar trailblazer,” Roger Ebert said in a review for Courageous.

3 Cars 3 lacks originality among reviews – 6.7

Cruz wearing Dinoco stickers

The third installment of the Cars The film series was released in 2017 and starred Brian Fee in his directorial debut. Cars 3 revisits the familiar protagonist of Lightning McQueen, who now faces competition from a promising race car named Jackson Storm. Lightning is seriously injured after a run with Jackson, but wants to continue.

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“Despite his lack of originality, as well as his nonchalant storytelling and world-building, he satisfies in this graciously odd manner that only a Cars movie can, ”said Matt Zoller Seitz in a 2.5-star review for Roger Ebert.

2 The Good Dinosaur lacks good storytelling, but has great animation – 6.7

Arlo and Spot from The Good Dinosaur

Cinema 2015 The good dinosaur got stellar reviews for its animation style, but failed due to its hard-to-follow plot. The good dinosaur follows Arlo, the creepy dinosaur who meets a cave boy named Spot. Spot and Arlo develop a friendship through their various adventures together.

“The problem with their last effort, Ee Good Dinosauris that he has the initial intriguing idea but then seems oddly unsure of how to pursue it, ”said Peter Sobczynski in a review for Roger Ebert.

1 Cars 2 is the worst car installment in the Cars movie series – 6.1

McQueen and Mater drive with an explosion

Cars 2 is considered the worst slice of the Cars movie franchise. Cars 2, released in 2011, was the last film created with Pixar’s Marionette animation software system. Lightning and Mater travel to compete in countries – like Japan and Italy – for the World Grand Prix. As the voice acting for Cars 2 receives high praise, the overall message is confusing, unlike most Pixar films.

“I really hated watching Cars 2 because it’s not only a sequel that no one other than John Lassiter wanted, but it also has a plotline that manages to get all the joy out of the franchise, ”Martin Hafer said in a review for IMDb.

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