10 weirdest quotes from Pixar movies

Pixar has a large number of unforgettable movies in its collection. The stories are able to grab the attention of adults and children alike, with their compelling messages and humor for all ages. Thanks to the writing and delivering the lines, most of these movies have a memorable quote or two that fans have referred to often.

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Some of these quotes are incredibly weird and match the usual comedic vibe of Pixar movies. The quotes are even weirder out of context, to the point that it’s not even clear that they are from animated films primarily intended for children.

ten Finding Nemo: “He touched the buttocks”

Nemo, Tad, Sheldon and Pearl look out to sea

Nemo, Tad, Sheldon and Pearl from The world of Nemo challenge each other to touch a nearby boat, which they call a butt. Although they goad each other on, neither of them had the courage to get too close to the boat.

When Marlin introduces himself, he yells at Nemo and tells him he’s not ready for the real world. Nemo approached the boat to prove that he was able to take care of himself. When he finally touches the boat, his friends watch him in wonder, surprised that he actually touched the buttocks.

9 Ratatouille: “I killed a man, with that thumb”

Horst give that thumbs up

Horst is a sous-chef at Ratatouille who was incarcerated, although no fan knows why. When asked, he has a different story. In his memories, he defrauded a large corporation, robbed France’s second largest bank armed only with a ballpoint pen, created a hole in the ozone layer or killed a man with his right thumb.

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It is impossible to say what is real or not. Considering the other chefs he works with have asked at least four different times, he tells some of the best stories.

8 Toy Story: “One minute you’re defending the galaxy, and all of a sudden you find yourself sucking Darjeeling with Marie-Antoinette and her little sister”

Buzz Lightyear in hat and apron

For most Toy storyBuzz Lightyear is convinced that he is an intergalactic space ranger stranded on a strange alien planet after his ship crashes. He doesn’t believe Woody, who explains he’s a toy, but realizes this after seeing an advertisement for him and failing to steal.

Struggling to cope with this new information, he submits to playtime with Sid’s little sister and her two headless dolls. He really felt like he had fallen so low, and without Woody’s intervention he might have remained Mrs. Nesbitt.

seven WALL-E: “Every Holo-Date I’ve had has been a virtual disaster. If I could meet one, one that wasn’t that superficial, you know? “

Mary ignore Wall-e

It’s the first thing audiences hear Mary say when featured in Wall-E. Despite being surrounded by countless people all the time, it seems Mary limits herself to dating people on her screen that Axiom’s systems associate her with.

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The depth of this quote really comes to light after WALL-E takes her attention away from her screen, causing her to look around the ship for what appears to be the first time in her life. Her view of the world was so limited that she didn’t even know there was a swimming pool on the ship.

6 Up: “May I bring your bird back to camp as a prisoner?”

Dug smiles with his tongue

Dug was far from one of the best hunting dogs in At the top, and was often laughed at by others in his pack. After being fired, he stumbled upon the bird they were looking for. Overjoyed, he continually asked the bird and his human companions if he could take him as a prisoner.

Understandably, he refused, but Dug’s hilarious pleadings were quite adorable. He never tried to use brute force, but seemed like a kid hoping he would get a yes if he asked enough times.

5 Monsters, Inc .: “Well, a kid flew over me and blew up a car with his laser vision!” “

monster is interviewed on tv

For a long time, the monsters of Monsters Inc. mistakenly assumed that children were toxic. Although the monsters scared the children in order to harvest their screams as energy, almost all were terrified of the children, although they were much smaller than the monsters.

After Boo’s arrival in the monster world, society fell into chaos. The monsters interviewed on the news made bold, baseless claims, stating that they had seen the child engage in a destructive rampage and even subdue some of the monsters.

4 Monsters University: “I’m fine, really! It’s just a little heart attack”

Don is lying in a tree

In the prequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University sees Mike Wazowski taking the other members of his fraternity on a little excursion to watch the best Scarers of Monsters, Inc. They have been caught by some security guards, who are angrily pursuing this small group of students.

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Unfortunately, not all of the limbs were in good physical shape, forcing Sully to wear a lot. After Sully retrieves Scott Squibbles, Don Carlton begins to wheeze, claiming he was only suffering from a mild heart attack, much to Sully’s dismay.

3 The Incredibles: “Throw me. Bob, fire me! “

Helen crouched down

The whole Parr family from The Incredibles were shocked to see Syndrome fly away with Jack-Jack, intending to raise the baby as a sidekick. In the air, he had the advantage since none of the heroes present had the ability to fly. Since Bob couldn’t throw anything without fear of hurting the baby, Helen came up with the idea of ​​throwing it. It’s a genius idea on his part, as this plan works perfectly thanks to his ability to transform into a parachute. Out of context, his requests to be discarded are incredibly bizarre.

2 Toy Story 4: “Uh, why does he want to go in the trash?”

Forky is made by Bonnie

After seeing how much Bonnie loved Forky after creating him in Toy story 4, Woody has promised to take care of the new toy. He was delighted to present the spork to the rest of the toys in Bonnie’s room, but Forky didn’t share his enthusiasm. The toys gave him a warm bow, but Forky quickly rushed to the trash can.

This naturally confused the toys, which led Buttercup to question why Forky was so adamant about taking the trash out. Woody explained that Forky was made of trash, which is why he had such an affinity for the trash, enough to sleep in it comfortably.

1 Cars 2: “No offense to your makes and models, but you fall harder than my cousin Betsy after she leaves herself at the altar”

Go to the toilet

Cars 2 is filled with countless silly quotes from Mater, the most comical entry in the Cars franchise. He encountered a Gremlin and a Pacer in the toilet, who were about to attack an American spy. As soon as he notices them after smashing one of their faces with the stall door, he finds that they break down frequently.

What is strange is that he decides to compare them to his cousin. He does it at the expense of poor Betsy, as no sensitive woman or vehicle would ever want this information shared with the general public.

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