10 Video Games Based On A Decades-Old Movie

Evil Dead: The Game launched on May 13, 2022, and it lets players live out their 1981s-based fantasies evil Dead and its aftermath in an asymmetrical experience. Hollywood and the gaming industry have always recognized the value of adapting popular films into video games, although the results have been hit and miss.

Every once in a while, a game developer tries their luck with an adaptation of a decades-old movie. Films dating back to the 1940s have received such treatment over the years, and the trend was particularly popular in the early 2000s. But which of them was the creme de la creme?


Seven Samurai 20XX (2004)

Natoe battles enemies in the Seven Samurai 20xx video game from 2004

Akira Kurosawa’s iconic film from 1956, Seven Samuraiis one of the all-time classics and has influenced many other films, including The Magnificent Seven and Boba Fett’s Book. Although the film was set in the 1500s, the game shifts the story to a future sci-fi setting where samurai battle cyborgs, mutants, and robots.

Like in the movie, the game features a quest to find seven samurai to defend a village from enemies and features hack and slash gameplay. Although based on Kurosawa’s film, the game falls far short of the feel of it. It might not be a must-play for gamers or fans of the movie, but it does exist as a fascinating oddity.

Pinochio (1996)

The 1990s were an amazing time for Disney animation fans. The studio was in the midst of a renaissance, and great 2D platformers were being made from its films. The adaptation of the genesis of Aladdin was particularly appreciated, as well as The Lion King and The jungle Book.

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PinocchioThe adaptation of the game came 56 years after the release of the original film. While the game may not be the best Disney game of this era, it is undeniably charming. A vibrant color scheme, unique platforming elements, and storytelling interludes make for an enjoyable experience.

The Great Escape (2003)

1963 The great Escape is a timeless classic about finding hope in the eyes of despair. The iconic music, Steve McQueen’s performance and the famous motorcycle jump are forever etched in the memory of moviegoers.

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The game expands on the story of the film and allows play with four different characters with special abilities. As in the film, the story involves an escape attempt by prisoners of war and a further escape out of Germany. Dialogue snippets from the film were used, and an alternate ending shows Hilt successfully jumping the fence to escape.

From Russia with Love (2005)

After the success of Agent Under Fire, Nightfire, and All or nothing, EA has begun planning its next 007 game starring Pierce Brosnan. A concept trailer released later on Youtube shows Bond on a mission in South Africa. But when it was announced that Brosnan would not be returning for Link 21the game developers had to find an alternative.

Instead of looking forward, they looked to the past and decided to adapt the years 1963 From Russia with love. Iconic original 007 Sean Connery tuned his likeness and voice in his final performance as James Bond. The story has been expanded with original levels and included gadgets from other Connery films, such as the Aston Martin DB5 and the jetpack.

Rocky (2002)

A fighting game based on characters from the Rocky seems like a no-brainer and Rage/Ubisoft delivered such a game in 2002. As Rocky, the player battles many adversaries from the movies until the championship match with Apollo Creed. There are several versions of Rocky available to play, including the bronze statue in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

A 2004 sequel titled rocky legends was also made, which featured an expanded career mode featuring four different characters rising through the ranks before the events of the films. The PSP game Rocky Balboa followed in 2007, as well as the VR experience, Credo: Rise to Glory, in 2017.

The Thing (2003)

Soldiers talk in video game adaptation for The Thing

John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi horror, The thing, received a 3D video game on major platforms in 2003. The game served as a follow-up to the events of the film and featured Captain Blake and other Green Berets investigating the events of the Antarctic outpost.

In addition to third-person shooter gameplay, the game features unique fear and infection systems. Other NPCs can choose to help the player if they trust him enough. On the other hand, an NPC could be infected with the Thing without the player knowing until they turn into an enemy. Unfortunately, plans for a sequel have not been laid.

Rambo Arcade (2008)

John Rambo bows out in Rambo Arcade in 2008

Rambo is one of the iconic action movie series of all time. Many games have been created to adapt the movies over the years, but unfortunately they haven’t quite satisfied fans. But in 2008, SEGA released a lightweight arcade game that was all Rambo fans have always wanted.

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The game features levels based on the second and third movies in the series and up to two players can play through the awesome levels set in Vietnam and Afghanistan. In addition to the usual light shooting gameplay, the game features precision-based bosses, such as the Soviet Helicopter.

Friday the 13th (2017)

Jason strangled one of his victims to death

When developer IllFonic was working on a Friday 13 tribute game called Slasher Vol. 1: Summer camp, a great opportunity presented itself. The original film’s director, Sean Cunningham, wanted to see a video game based on Friday 13 and decided to grant the rights to IllFonic. The game already in production became Friday 13.

In this asymmetrical game, one player takes on the role of Jason, with the goal of hunting and killing the other players, who take control of the camp monitors. Advisors must collect items to escape, but can also call on Tommy Oliver or attempt the elaborate process of killing Jason. Harry Manfredini was brought back to provide the iconic, chilling music. Unfortunately, the servers were eventually shut down due to licensing issues.

Scarface: The World is Yours (2006)

Scarface Video Game

After the success of Grand Theft Auto series, adaptation scarface seemed like a no-brainer. The game begins with the film’s iconic ending scene where Tony Montana made his last stand. But instead of meeting his end, Montana defeats the attackers and escapes.

What follows is Montana’s struggle to rebuild its empire. Tony completes missions around the city to take control of it one territory at a time. The game also features a system where the player launders money to prevent it from being confiscated. Several actors return to voice their characters, but Al Pacino chose another actor to reprise his role.

The Godfather (2006)

Michael Corleone looks different in The Godfather video game

Just like the scarface the game had cashed on the Grand Theft Auto craze, Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic 1962 film, The Godfatherwas adapted into a game in 2006. The player assumes the role of Aldo Trapani, a new character created for the game. The levels include scenes from the movie and other events.

Many of the film’s stars reprized their roles, including James Caan, Robert Duvall and Marlon Brando. The game received mostly positive reviews and sold well. A sequel based on The Godfather 2 was also made, but less acclaimed, causing the project Godfather 3 game to delete.

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