10 Times Spongebob Broke Our Hearts

Sponge Bob SquarePants is one of Nickelodeon‘s funniest series, loaded with laughter for kids and adults alike. Although Sponge Bob SquarePants is full of hilarious jokes and gags, the show also has heartbreaking scenes.

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Fans can look back fondly Sponge Bob SquarePantsThe jokes are countless, but many fans can vouch that the Nickelodeon series has no shortage of scenes that bring adults to tears. From familiar stories of torn friendships and homesickness to runaway pets, Sponge Bob SquarePants has many episodes that broke the hearts of fans.

ten Gary ran away from home in “Have You Seen That Snail”

The episode “Have You Seen That Snail” features one of the saddest episodes of the entire series. After neglecting his pet Gary the snail, SpongeBob SquarePants realizes he’s tricked his pet into running away from home.

The episode focuses on SpongeBob’s immense regret for chasing his pet and dear friend. There’s even a musical sequence with a song called “Gary’s Song” which is dedicated to showing SpongeBob’s guilt and his efforts to find Gary. Luckily, the episode ends with Gary returning home, creating one of the most heartwarming episode endings.

9 Patrick no longer wanted to be SpongeBob’s friend in “Patrick SmartPants”

Another sad episode is “Patrick SmartPants”, which sees Spongebob lose his best friend, Patrick Star. Having become a genius, Patrick moves away and ceases to be SpongeBob’s friend. SpongeBob and Patrick had one of the strongest friendships in animated television, so it was heartbreaking to see them go their separate ways.

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“Patrick SmartPants” delved into the bond between SpongeBob and Patrick, showing just how much the two mean to each other. Patrick also regrets walking away from SpongeBob but is unable to have fun with him like they could in the past. Their situation was similar to how friends break up in real life, which can hit close to home for adult viewers.

8 Plankton and Mr. Krabs were friends

Similar to “Patrick SmartPants”, the episode “Friend or Foe” shows another friendship falling apart. However, this time it’s between Plankton and Mr. Krabs when they were kids. “Friend or Foe” showed that these two were extremely close and practically the only friend the other had.

Accidental poisoning, misdirected blame, and a dramatic argument lead to a rift between the two, with Mr. Krabs and Plankton becoming lifelong enemies. It was truly emotional to see such close friends become resentful enemies, including at the end when Mr. Krabs welcomes Plankton back, only for it to be another of Plankton’s tricks.

seven Squidward’s prank hurt SpongeBob and made him cry

“Fools in April” is a great episode that develops Squidward Tentacles as a character. On April Fool’s Day, after being annoyed by SpongeBob’s jokes, Squidward pulls a brutal prank on SpongeBob. As a result, SpongeBob is physically and emotionally hurt. SpongeBob runs off crying and Squidward realizes he needs to apologize.

“Fools in April” shows that Squidward never meant to hurt SpongeBob and sincerely regrets what he did. It also shows one of the few times SpongeBob gets upset with Squidward. The episode shows how people can accidentally hurt others without meaning to, with teary moments that show what happens when you take a joke too far.

6 Sandy is homesick in “Texas”

Many people were homesick, including Sandy Cheeks in the episode “Texas”. Although Sandy loved Bikini Bottom, she really missed living in Texas. The episode had a beautiful song that expressed Sandy’s desire to return home, showing her relatable emotions.

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Although SpongeBob and Patrick sympathized with Sandy, they didn’t want her to leave Bikini Bottom. The episode showed what people go through when they are homesick and when friends don’t want to say goodbye. It was sad to see Sandy potentially leaving her friends in Bikini Bottom behind.

5 SpongeBob took a joke too far and made people think he was dead

In “Ripped Pants”, SpongeBob accidentally drifts away from his friends. He continually rips his pants off to make Sandy and the others laugh. However, he takes the joke too far when he pretends to drown just so he can rip his pants off again. Everyone, especially Sandy, was worried about SpongeBob and got angry when they found out he faked drowning for a gag.

“Ripped Pants” is about how people feel when they make mistakes and unintentionally separate themselves from their peers. SpongeBob’s actions end up alienating Sandy and the other bathers. SpongeBob thinks he’s the biggest loser on the beach and sings a sad song about his mistake.

4 Squidward thought he killed Spongebob

In “Dying for Pie”, Squidward mistakenly buys a pie that is actually a bomb. After Squidward and Mr. Krabs learn the truth, they return to the Krusty Krab and apparently find that SpongeBob ate the bomb disguised as a pie. Squidward and Mr. Krabs believe that SpongeBob has until sunset before the bomb explodes and kills him.

“Dying for Pie” shows Squidward’s guilt and humanity well. He does his best to make SpongeBob’s last night on Earth great. Also, the episode shows Mr. Krabs’ sadness at SpongeBob’s impending doom, crying as he displays a “Help Wanted” sign. Mr. Krabs and Squidward may act selfish, but it’s truly sad to see the two of them crying over losing SpongeBob.

3 Spongebob has lost faith in Santa

The holiday special “Christmas Who?” talks about the sadness of losing the Christmas spirit. SpongeBob waits all night for Santa to arrive, but Santa doesn’t show up and SpongeBob is sad that he mistakenly believes in Santa and Christmas.

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It can hurt to realize that your anticipation was for naught, especially if it’s tied to something joyful like Christmas. SpongeBob’s heartbreak recalls this feeling, with Squidward remarking that “all he wanted to do was spread a little joy”. Luckily, Squidward helps SpongeBob regain his love for Christmas, and the real Santa eventually appears.

2 Spongebob and Patrick believed they couldn’t save the bikini bottom

In The Spongebob Movie, Spongebob sets out to prove he’s not a “kid” as the others keep calling him. SpongeBob and Patrick venture out to find King Neptune’s crown and rescue Mr. Krabs, but they become agonized over their repeated failures and “childish” interests. They both give up and start believing that they really are just kids.

The Spongebob Movie added depth to SpongeBob and Patrick, showing that they weren’t blind fools. They had similar fears to many real-life adults, including self-doubt.

1 SpongeBob and Patrick died trying to save Mr. Krabs and Bikini Bottom

The saddest scene of all Sponge Bob SquarePants is in The Spongebob Movie when SpongeBob and Patrick die and mourn their inability to save everyone. Although the two innocent characters are dying, they manage to regain some acceptance of themselves.

Patrick and SpongeBob discover that despite the odds, they have finally achieved King Neptune’s crown. They may not have saved the day, but they”did well for a few blunders.As SpongeBob and Patrick die, they happily sing the song ‘Goofy Goober’, showing the two friends finally embracing their inner child for whom they were shunned.

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