10 movies you have to watch 1000 times to spot it


One of the many possible signs of a great movie is one that allows fans to continue to remove layers of detail with each subsequent viewing.

And while there is of course a limit to what audiences can realistically earn by watching repeat viewings, sometimes movies keep revealing new details after hundreds or, in theory, thousands of viewings.

We’re definitely a little cute here because, of course, how many of us have ever watched a single movie hundreds of times, let alone thousands?

But these 10 movies nonetheless all hid some fascinating details for everyone to see that could easily be missed by most people no matter how many times they’ve seen them.

From ingeniously devious Easter eggs to details that divide the fanbase, to weird set design decisions, devious cameos and everything in between, only the most committed fans would have a chance to experience these for themselves. secrets.

So don’t feel bad if you haven’t spotted these fascinating nods and hidden references. This list was inspired by a recent fantastic post on / r / MovieDetails, which uncovered some fascinating detail in the brilliant Toy Story 2 …

It’s no secret that Pixar loves to include references to past and future projects in their films, and while many of these visual nods are incredibly easy to spot on a first, second, or third viewing, others are subtle enough not to be revealed until much later.

As an example, Toy Story 2 contains many visual nods to Pixar’s previous film, A Bug’s Life, but there’s one that even die-hard Pixar fans probably missed, and yet the / r / MovieDetails poster “Successfully_Messy” was recently discovered on an alleged 1000th view (despite the hyperbole).

In the apartment of villainous toy collector Al McWiggin (Wayne Knight), there’s a framed drawing hanging on the wall which, on closer inspection, contains a sketch of A Bug’s Life protagonist Flik (Dave Foley).

To the untrained eye, this looks like nothing more than a series of scribbles, but taken a close look in the more recent high-res versions of the film, this is unmistakably a drawing of Flik.

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