10 horrific movies with great animation


Film making, like most creative or commercial endeavors, is a balancing act between funding and time management that can go wrong if not handled with care. There are more than enough horror stories of godly movie ideas that fell apart during the development process.

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When it comes to animated films, in particular, animators and writers work in entirely separate capacities and rarely, if ever, communicate with each other. When all of the staff are able to do their jobs well, the entire movie is an enjoyable experience. However, there are a number of examples where beautifully animated movies end up disappointing, effectively wasting all of their hard work..

ten The good dinosaur

The good dinosaur released in 2015 and had a mixed reception. While the film has its fans, many critics felt that the plot and themes of the film were just average retreads of other better stories Pixar had already made. One thing that’s universally agreed, however, is that animation is one of the finest works Pixar has ever done. The film is filled with many lingering shots of the surroundings that seem borderline photorealistic. Pixar has since improved its animation quality with Toy Story 4, corn The good dinosaurthe visuals still stand today.

9 Trolls

2016 Trolls is considered by many to be far from the best of Dreamworks, compared to the beginning Shrek movies or How to train your dragon. Trolls felt like a poor deal with much less passion. The film tries to wow audiences with its recognizable licensed music and bright, colorful visuals, which, ironically, made it seem like the case even more stereotypical.

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Even so, the film’s visual effects were some of the best at the time when it was released, and while the visual designs of the trolls themselves were controversial, the environments looked very good..

8 Pixels

Adam Sandler’s film in 2015 Pixels was completely criticized upon its release. The list of critics was seemingly endless, with movie audiences getting none of Adam Sandler’s signature sophomoric humor, and the sloppy storytelling ruined their favorite. gaming franchises. Visual effects were perhaps the one thing audiences didn’t hate. The film was based on a 2010 short film of the same name and did a good job updating the pixelated style of the short. The pixelated effects in the main battle scenes between humans and video game characters looked truly unique.

7 Home

2015 Home was another Dreamworks release that many believed fell short of the studio’s capabilities. This movie seemed to be trying to get by celebrity casting, and its story and central theme didn’t seem inspired despite its weird premises and characters. The biggest criticism that was leveled at this movie was the fact that it just felt generic, with its attempts at emotional moments and its humor falling flat. The movie looked good, with many environments having a meticulous amount of detail and characters..

6 Turbo

Released only two years after the much mocked Cars 2, 2013 Turbo was considered by many to be Dreamworks’ response to the Cars franchise. Visually, the film was impressive, capturing the sensation of speed with a unique visual flair during the races. Problem was, it sounded like an imitator of Cars, so many people didn’t feel like they had to watch it. Meanwhile, audiences who saw the film struggled to get involved in the plot, as a functionally similar story had already been made, arguably much better, in 2006..

5 Airplanes

Released the same year as Turbo, and receive a similar amount of apprehension from the public, Airplanes was Pixar’s attempt to capitalize on Cars franchise. Billed as a spin-off of Cars, Airplanes followed Dusty, a feather duster who wished to become an aerial runner. The film was torn by critics, with many not liking that the story was largely an aerial version of Cars ” plot with minimal changes. Still, the movie looked good, with a lot of bright colors, and admittedly the races were pretty exciting. As a distraction for the kids it did its job, but on almost every other front the film is seen as a failure..

4 Cars 2

Pixar films have a tradition of breaking the mold when it comes to visual animation. Every new Pixar movie that comes out has the potential to be considered among the finest animated films, and Cars 2 was no different. He has been nominated for several awards for “Best Animation Effects”.

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However, the film is considered by many to be one of the worst films to be released that year. The emphasis on espionage rather than racing was seen as overblown by fans. On top of that, the overall storytelling of the sequel was generally of poor quality, with many major plot points having big leaps in logic, even for a Cars movie.

3 Ralph breaks the internet

2012 Ralph’s wreck was a charming tribute to classic video games. The long-awaited sequel, 2018’s Ralph breaks the internet, was still a fun movie with very well animated sequences, but lacked the personality that we saw in the original. Ralph breaks the internet tried to surpass many qualities of Ralph’s wreck but failed in several ways. Where the real world video game references in the original film were lovely, the online product placement in the sequel was far less welcome. On top of that, the sequel lacked a central villain, meaning the plot tended to flounder for a while before ending..

2 The Lion King (2019)

2019 The Lion King, colloquially, however incorrectly, called the Lion King Live, had legions of detractors. Many have argued that the emphasis on making the characters more realistic would remove much of the magic from the original film. When the film was finally released, many people maintained this argument, and lamented that the emphasis on hiring celebrity voice actors as opposed to professionals in the industry made the film still look like less to a story. Despite all of this, there is no denying that the technology used to recreate the film was state of the art. Everything in the movie looked extremely realistic which was a significant accomplishmentt.

1 The Emoji movie

The general public absolutely dreaded the 2017 release The Emoji movie and the film was assaulted even before its release. After the film’s release, the film was universally considered to have an exaggerated storyline and tedious jokes. While the film had competent animation that complemented its beautiful art style, that was not enough to save the film. Similar to Lego movie, The Emoji Movie tried to engage the audience by giving a funny interpretation of real world articles, but it failed because there was simply nothing charming about the movie from start to finish credits.

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10 films completely ruined by interference from executives

10 films completely ruined by interference from executives

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