10 DreamWorks Movies That Would Make Great Worlds To Visit

Kingdom Hearts combined the fantastic works of Square-Enix with the wonderful stories of disney, resulting in immersive worlds for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to explore, traveling there via the Gummi Ship. Whether traversing the quirky world of Wonderland, exploring the pages of the 100-Acre Wood, or battling it out in the Coliseum of Olympus, the Kingdom Hearts saga is full of locations that showcase the talents and imaginations of the developers.

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However, since all the worlds are related to the works of Square-Enix and disneysome fans wonder what might have been had the game series explored other film studios such as the imaginative DreamWorks.

ten Metrocity could have been a technological marvel (Megamind – 2010)

Megamind Metrocity House

In kingdom hearts 3, Sora and the gang began to learn about the modern technology that Hollow Bastion was famous for. Between the upgraded Gummi Ship, Sora’s new gummiphone, and San Fransokyo’s technological advancements, Sora was finally learning all that was missing from his home on the Destiny Islands. MegamindMetrocity would have allowed Sora to explore more new technologies, or even battle them with theoretical Heartless based on Megamind’s beloved Brainbots.

9 Troll Kingdom could have featured several troll towns (Trolls – 2016)

Trolls world tour map

For players who love the original singing world of Atlantica, Trolls could have been the next best thing. With its colorful characters, interesting musical choices, and multitudes of unique locations, Trolls would have at least provided an aesthetically pleasing world. The release of Trolls: around the world would also have provided many more cards and different variants of trolls to use as summons or keyblade variants in his quest to stop the Heartless, Nobodies, and the villains of Organization XIII.

8 Small Soldiers was DreamWorks’ toy box (Small Soldiers – 1998)

Toy store for toy soldiers

With all of disney to explore, it is not surprising that Square-Enix came to the same conclusion that the prospect of being a toy would be fun, running around a gigantic toy store and battling evil action figures. However, where disney provided toy storythe DreamWorks equivalent was toy soldiers. The peaceful Gorgonites would have proven to be interesting allies for Sora, Donald and Goofy, especially in their war against the Commando Elite.

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It would have been especially interesting to see the depiction of Major Chip Hazard lost in darkness, consumed by his need to destroy the Gorgonites. The possibilities are endless, especially considering the allegory of Gwendy dolls coming to life, forced into a world of evil they don’t understand since they were created by Hazard. It’s similar to how Maleficent tricked Riku into thinking he had to fight Sora in order to protect Kairi in the first one. Kingdom Hearts Game.

seven The Valley of Peace is a real labyrinth (Kung Fu Panda – 2008)

kung fu panda card

For Hollow Bastion fans since the first Kingdom Hearts game, The Valley Of Peace could effectively mirror the maze-like structure, creating a maze that players can get lost in. Sora could fight in the training arena much like in the Coliseum of Olympus and the sinister prison of Chorh-Gom, which could house a host of new Heartless and Nobodies with designs based on the prisoners therein. trapped. This world would also provide Sora with a new anthropomorphic design that would allow the heroes to protect the world order on their journey.

6 The Croods lost their home and so did Sora (The Croods – 2013)

The Croods Rainforest

It’s not hard to see the similarities between Sora’s story and The Croods. The main plot of The Croods was that the world was ending and the caveman family had to leave their home in search of a better future. First Kingdom Hearts game, Sora had to leave the Destiny Islands when his world was destroyed by darkness. With so much in common, Sora would likely identify with the Croods, especially Guy, the former being forced to abandon his home.

The world of The Croods would also allow for countless colorful creatures, stunning flora, and a symphony of new sounds that would perfectly encapsulate the enchanting environments provided in the films, such as blossoming rainforests, sun-scorched desert, and eerie tar pits.

5 Shrek is the opposite of everything Sora is used to (Shrek – 2001)

The swamp of Shrek's house

It would be impossible to make a DreamWorks/Kingdom Hearts crossover without using the fan favorite movie Shrek. While Sora’s initial quest was to save the Seven Princesses of Hearts, the story of Shrek could act as a foil, much like it was the traditional fairy tale foil when it was released in 2001. With companion characters such as Princess Fiona and Shrek, Sora might actually have a hard time keeping up , weaving its way through dark swamps, abandoned castles and the ever-perfect town of Duloc.

4 Eris is the perfect heartless villain (Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas – 2003)

Kingdom of Eris Tartarus Sinbad

Although Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is something of a forgotten classic, it has everything needed for the perfect Kingdom Hearts world. Relentless pirates with a heart of gold? To verify. An artifact called the Book of Peace that aligns perfectly with Sora’s goals? To verify. A chance to cross the high seas while battling interesting monsters? To verify.

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The film even has the perfect villain in Eris the Goddess of Chaos, mother of the monsters who oppose Sinbad and his crew. Since Eris already creates monsters from the constellations, what if she doesn’t align with the Heartless as well, creating new ones for Sora to fight? Eris has already claimed that her heart is black, so she would be the perfect ally for the Heartless to rally around.

3 Tzekel-Kan would be a tough boss to beat (The Road To El Dorado – 2000)

The lost city of gold

When it comes to DreamWorks movies, who could forget the cult classic The road to Eldorado? Considering this world for design, players might wonder if the world should center around the Spanish port where Miguel and Tulio hail from, or the Aztec city itself, but why choose? As Miguel and Tulio so aptly put it, “Both is good.”

The world provides the perfect villain in the person of the mad priest Tzekel-Kan who feeds on the suffering and torment of others. His boss fight might be one of the toughest in the game, as Tzekel-Kan has the gift of advanced healing and the ability to possess stone carvings, giving him even more allies.

2 It’s time for Sora to touch the sky again (How to Train Your Dragon – 2010)

How to Train Your Dragon Island

In the humble world of Neverland in the original Kingdom Hearts game, Sora finally got the ability to fly. But with only the cramped innards of the Jolly Rodger and Big Ben to explore, the experience was somewhat limited. Given the chance to befriend one of Berk’s dragons, he might truly touch the skies once and for all. He could travel between the different Viking settlements depicted in the movies. As a much-loved character, Toothless would be the perfect traveling companion that Sora could bond with.

1 Guardians are protectors of the heart (Rise Of The Guardians – 2012)

Rise of the Guardians' Tooth Palace

Sora once met the kind-hearted old man Santa Claus in Halloween Town in the original Kingdom Heartsso what would he think of dual-wielding swordsman and mischievous toymaker, North of Rise of the Guardians? This world has a lot of potential due to the different guardian houses, allowing the player to access Tooth Palace, North’s Toy Shop, Bunnymund’s Warren, and Jack’s Frozen Lake. As if the map locations weren’t good enough, the film follows the plot of the five guardians protecting the light in the hearts of children from the darkness and evil that Pitch Black tries to infect them with. What could be more perfect for a Kingdom Hearts Game?

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