10 Disney films and the iconic object that represents them

Disney has left its mark on society with its heartwarming, family-friendly stories of adventure, love, and empowerment. Even years later, viewers fondly remember the characters and scenes. As a child, some fans remember asking for glass slippers for Christmas or the Heart of Tafiti necklace for their birthdays. Most Disney films come with wonderful stories involving objects specific to that tale.

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For Aladdin, the bottle of genius, for toy story, a boot with andy’s signature. It makes it so much more fun to see the movie, watching this object appear and disappear as the story progresses. Without these iconic items, these classic Disney movies simply wouldn’t be the same.


Snow White: the apple


In arguably one of Disney’s best fairy tales, an evil queen in a jealous rage sets out to murder her stepdaughter, Snow White, in order to remain “the fairest in all the land.” What fans may remember most is the object that both symbolizes the overall plot and propels the story to its conclusion: the poison apple.

White as snow is full of catchy songs and friendly dwarfs, but at its core it’s a story of conceit and jealous obstruction of the hearts and minds of those who only care for themselves. The apple serves as a meaningful object in the film but also represents trickery and deceit, jealousy and vanity, but also the hope that the cruel will never win.

Cinderella: the glass slipper


Cinderella at its core, teaches viewers to be kind to all, that beauty comes from the heart, and forgiveness is key. Despite the mistreatment she suffers from her stepmother and step-sisters, Cinderella keeps a positive attitude, she never says it, and she continues to do the work that is asked of her. For Cinderella fans, it’s impossible to remember the fairy tale without thinking of the glass slipper.

Due to Cinderella’s pure heart and open mind, the prince still loves her even though she is not the same girl he met on the ballroom floor. The slipper fits because of its effortless ability to be kind and loving.

Beauty & The Beast: The Rose


In a race against time, the Beast must fall in love in order to lift the curse that has befallen his castle. Luckily for him, a young girl and her father stumbled across the castle and the rest of the classic story unfolds from there. The Beast may not have started out as a great guy, due to his bitterness and how he grew to hate the world, but he returns, eventually falling in love and lifting the curse.

Without the rose, The beauty and the Beast wouldn’t have as much sense of urgency. It represents time, but also the beauty that the Beast must learn to find in everything it sees, does, and learns. The rose signifies the beauty that people have within, which is the lesson the Beast must learn – let go of vanity and learn to love for and with the heart.

Aladdin: the genie’s lamp


Aladdin’s whole life changes when he rubs the side of the Genie’s lamp. In fact, this action is what saves Aladdin’s life. The bottle makes its way into the history of Aladdin as a treasured artifact for those who seek the magical power of Genie’s three wishes. It’s hard for fans of this fairy tale to imagine the film without the bottle of Genie and the accompanying Genie.

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His magical on-screen presence is irresistible and Robin Williams’ amazing improvisation and voice-over is what makes The Genie what he is. The lamp represents good fortune, wisdom and life for Aladdin. This teaches him that with a good heart and good intentions, he can have all the wishes in the world, not just three.

Tangled: the flower


Like many Disney movies, Tangled has elements of good and evil. The very adult themes of this Disney film, like toxic relationships and the search for one’s identity, are shown through the contrast of light and dark. Rapunzel represents this light, especially through the powers she obtained from the flower.

The flower is found in almost every image in the film, from the flower itself to the lanterns and even the symbol of the sun that Rapunzel paints on the walls. The light that comes from the flower symbolizes life and healing, two concepts that propel the plot of the story and help bring Rapunzel back to her family.

Hercules: Medal of Zeus


Hercules tells the story of the ancient Greek war hero who proved to be the strongest warrior of all. Disney puts its own spin on the story, of course, making the story of heroism a favorite among Disney fans.

In the early scenes where Hercules is a baby, viewers get their first glimpse of the locket with lightning from a cloud, a gift that Zeus hopes will propel his son to a victorious life as a god. It is only through the medallion that he is led to his true destiny. This symbol of the gods acts as an anchor for Hercules and guides him in his quest to find his place.

Peter Pan: the hook


There are many large objects and symbols in Peter Pan, like the thimble, Peter Pan’s famous green hat with the red feather, and even a pirate ship. But in every take on the famous story, there’s never a version without the shiny, pointy hook replacing a wicked old pirate’s hand.

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Captain Hook’s hook is the mark of a dictator and represents the tremendous lengths Peter and his friends must go through to keep their people safe. More so, Captain Hook is named after his famous end, reinforcing the idea that how you behave is a reflection of who you are.

Toy Story: Andy’s Signature


toy story focuses on the adventures, growth and love of a group of toys. The biggest lesson to learn from Buzz, Woody, and Jesse is that it’s admirable to be loyal and that it’s important to love and be loved. Their owner, Andy, writes his name under all their feet, to claim them as his own.

The toys use this as a kind of agreement that they should do everything in their power to make Andy happy and be there for him. In one of toy storyThe most memorable quotes, says Andy himself, “what makes Woody special is that he will never give up on you.” toy story wouldn’t be the same without Andy’s very sloppy signature on the bottom of Woody’s boot.

Moana: the heart of Te Fiti


From an early age, Moana felt a deep connection to water. The ocean spoke to her one day, playing and laughing with her when he presented her with a stone. Only later did Moana learn that this stone was the heart of an island that had been stolen. She carries the stone with her on her journey to return it and restore the deteriorating land and ocean she calls home.

The stone and the designs engraved on it represent the preciousness of the earth. Moana quickly learns that to live with the land, she and her people must learn to respect its power and work with it. The heart of Te Fiti is the heart of Moana.

Brother Bear: The Totem


Although not considered one of Disney’s best animated films, Brother Bear is full of important lessons and inspiring stories. When one brother’s life is taken by a bear, another brother loses his way, and the spirits force him to find himself by transforming him into the very beast that took his brother’s life. This story is very spiritual at the start, with spirits leading each member of the tribe towards their destiny thanks to the power of an animal.

Kenai was disappointed to learn that his totem is a bear, the very animal he and his tribe resented for threatening their lives, but he learns through his experience living among them, that nothing is like it. seems, and that he should act with love rather than hate. The totem is more than just a piece of carved wood, it represents the lessons Brother Bear attempts to teach and lead the characters through their journey.

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