10 best video game stories of 2021

Unpacking tells its story through the objects you unpack and place in different rooms. Pay enough attention to the different objects and you will learn a lot about the person who owns them, their partners, their great moments in life and how the “stuff” we acquire in our lifetime often speaks volumes. about who we are, where we were and where we hope to go.

9. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena tells the story of a young Spiritual Guide who must help rebellious souls to leave the physical world and enter the Spirit Realm. It’s an almost Pixar-like premise complemented by some slightly more traditional fantasy concepts.

Just like a great Pixar movie, Kena tells an at times overwhelmingly emotional tale that uses ‘cute’ design elements to force you to let your guard down just so that he can absolutely destroy you with his most devastating plot points. There is so much heart and humanity in this wonderful fantasy tale.

Tales of Arise game

8. Tales of the Ascension

The Tales the series has long enjoyed generally fantastic storytelling, but Tales of the Ascension is arguably the biggest franchise story to date. In fact, there are times when history is arguably a bit too big and a bit too rich in lore.

At its core, however, it is the story of two people from different worlds trying to stick together long enough to achieve a common goal. No matter how deeply this game’s story dives into its lore, the personal elements of that tale manage to form a compelling foundation that makes embracing the weird (and dark) places of this game much easier.

Life is Strange: True Colors Game

7. Life is Strange: True Colors

The Life is strange the series’ consistently excellent storytelling makes it eerily easier to overlook just how True colorshistory is. It’s so easy to take the quality of these games for granted.

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