10 Best Anime Endgames That Still Stand

It’s a hard thing to end a show. So many shows get it wrong that it’s become inevitable to expect weak endings from popular shows, especially the longer they run. After all, the longer your show, the harder it becomes to complete and the higher the expectations.

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Anime shows are no different, and with the nature of animation as a fluid medium, you also run the added bonus of ending a show that can have a distinct standstill that is almost never broken. While many shows were able to end on high notes – like Steven Universe and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – these are 10 that stand out as the best of the best in the crowd.

adventure time – Come with me

10 seasons of content is hard enough to complete and wrap up, but adventure time had the additional problem of being a serialized, continuous narrative. With dozens of characters, plots, and themes to tie together, “Come Along with Me” had a lot to prove. At 44 minutes, it’s the series’ longest episode by a significant margin and follows the “eraser war” that had been building throughout the tenth season.

What follows is a massive affair that ends each character arc in sublime fashion – Finn manages to say goodbye to Fern, Marceline and Bubblegum reunite, and the Ice King confronts his baggage. But above all, it’s a definitive, conclusive ending, the one where we end as the story begins: with a boy and a dog finding a magic sword. It’s a poetic final image that beautifully ties together the themes of the show.


amphibians – The hardest thing

When amphibians Premiering in July 2019, the series has become mostly popular for its witty and fast-paced humor, unique setting, and likable characters. Over its three seasons, however, the show has quickly (and quietly) become one of TV’s best shows with intricate three-dimensional character writing, engaging storytelling, and pushing the boundaries of what can be shown. on children. television with some of the darkest moments in Disney Channel history.

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To be expected, the final of amphibians did something similar, going against expectation and delivering a satisfying yet thought-provoking finale. The three girls – Anne, Sasha, and Marcy – all had varying backgrounds before the final season, and the finale manages to have them all go up against him while teaming up to completely take out the Core. And while there’s a bittersweet nature to their departure, it has a maturity unlike other shows and allows our characters to have lives away from each other.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Sozin’s Comet

A two-hour event unlike anything else ever aired on Nickelodeon, “Sozin’s Comet” takes place on the heels of the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbenderr, the best season of one of the best shows ever to air on television. While some fans are still debating a few small details in the finale and if they take away from it, most fans agree that it was worth the wait.

And what a sight to see! With the necessary character development already set, “Sozin’s Comet” is mostly a big blowout of final action, and it’s the best action in the series. Azula and Zuko’s duel in particular is a startling piece of animated beauty – the cello and violin moaning to the image of two siblings in a duel to the death is a powerful and emotionally charged scene, and the The show’s final moments are some of the most satisfying on TV.

Bojack Rider – Good while it lasted

What is fascinating Bojack Rider as a show, that’s how much it refuses to be like any other adult animated show. Where a show would take the subject and satirize it, bojack looks inward and really deconstructs, refusing to play by the rules of the medium and doing something completely new and unique.

The end of Bojack Rider is the same way. Bojack spends the finale on leave from his time in prison and meets with the main cast members one by one, talking about their own relationship with him and with him. It’s almost a psychoanalysis of where these characters end up, and the episode’s quiet beauty is punctuated by a career-best performance from Alison Brie like Diana.

Futurama – Meanwhile

A show that ended twice before, Futurama thankfully saved the best for last when it comes to its final episodes. While “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings” is satisfying on its own, and “Into the Wild Green Yonder” is fun if a little too bombastic, “Meanwhile” is a genuinely thoughtful and bittersweet conclusion that focuses on the primary relationship between Fry and Leela.

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Fry and Leela spending their life together in a frozen time is powerful enough, but the episode’s message, which basically boils down to “life is worth living”, is simple but thoughtful and sums up the best of the series. The episode’s low stakes are a nice change from what could have been a huge finale, and end up working in its favor as a satisfying conclusion.

Gravity Falls – Bizarremaggedon

“Weirdmaggedon” represents the culmination of two seasons of accumulating and setting up mysteries for Gravity Falls‘ shockingly complex narrative. And while the clues were all there from the first episode, it speaks to the strength of the show’s storytelling that the ending makes perfect sense in the long run while still being a real shocker in many ways.

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Featuring the final battle against series antagonist Bill Cipher and his minions as he attempts to end the world, the three-part, two-hour finale concludes each character arc in a satisfying way while delivering strong emotional content. our leads regarding their relationship. At the end, Gravity Falls is a sibling story, and the ending focuses on both pairs (Dipper and Mabel, Stan and Stan) equally to parallel them.

king of the hill – To the sirloin with love

The last two years of king of the hill struggled, especially since the series started to run with steam in terms of storyline ideas. Creator Mike Judge clearly thought so too, but the episodic, laid-back nature of king of the hill destined to conclude, it had to do something different than most shows.

So, king of the hill opted for a conclusion that only this show could have done: a small daily episode that follows Hank and Bobby trying to find common ground. It’s a sweet and heartwarming episode that reminds you why you loved king of the hill in the first place.

Phineas and Ferb – Last day of summer

Although it is an episodic show, Phineas and FerbThe winning formula of over 129 full episodes (not counting each individual segment plus two films) has managed to win the hearts of viewers around the world with its stellar humor, great characters and creative storylines that are getting more and more inventive. as the show progresses. And as Disney’s most popular cartoon by far, it wasn’t going to be easy to end it.

But the genius of “Last Day of Summer,” one of the show’s best episodes, and its perfect finale, is that it realized the main characters aren’t the protagonists at all. Instead, it’s their sister Candace and the goofy Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and the finale focuses solely on them as it gives their characters a final hurray. Oh, and the music is amazing too, but the audience expected that.

samurai jack – THIS

After being originally canceled by Cartoon Network in its fourth season, samurai jack had the chance for a final season to wrap up the story for the fans. And as the show’s audience grew, it gained a TV-MA rating to kick off with an added amount of gore and violence to emphasize its darker, more serialized tone.

“CI”, the end of samurai jack, finally gives a fitting conclusion to the saga, albeit more bittersweet than originally supposed. After finally defeating Aku, Jack and Ashi get married right before Ashi disappears due to the timeline being reset. While he has finally found peace, Jack is unable to enjoy it as he is alone again. And while it’s not the happiest ending for our beloved samurai, it’s the perfect one, perfectly mimicking the classic lone samurai that Jack was originally based on.

star wars rebels – Family reunion and goodbye

While the two Star Wars: The Clone Wars and star wars resistance managed to end their shows on relatively high marks, none of them come close to closing and the overall personal stakes of Star rebel wars‘ final. The final showdown against Grand Admiral Thrawn in their attempt to save Lothal is both an emotional climax for the series while explaining some key elements related to A thug and A new hope.

But what really makes the finale so good is that, although it has ties to other star wars stories and leads to future shows at the same time, it still manages to stand on its own as a fulfilling narrative for these characters. If we never saw them again after this point, audiences would still be satisfied, which is the mark of a great show in this franchise.

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