10 Anime Shows That Should Have Been Hits But Had Impossible Competition

As colorful and fun as cartoons are, the animation industry can be unforgiving. Not all anime are destined to become timeless classics, and every beloved anime series has only gotten to where it is now by leaving countless titles in the dust. Worse still, some of these forgotten shows are either decent or even excellent.

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Sometimes it was the result of bad timing, as these cartoons had the misfortune of vying for ratings with a hit series. Other times, anime shows have struggled to find a fanbase because of things like studio interference. If some cartoons had better odds and fairer competition, they would have become hits.

ten 6Teen Was Unfairly Considered A Total Drama Clone

Reality TV and teen entertainment were two of the biggest trends of the early 2000s, and 6Teen and Total drama capitalized on them. Both cartoons were made by Teletoon. Although 6Teen aired earlier, it faded into the background as Total drama dominated the ratings so much that it got spin-off shows.

Total drama initially won fandom with its strong humor and references, but these have seriously aged the series over the years. 6teen, on the other hand, was initially rejected for its laid-back style, but became the definitive time capsule of the 2000s for those same reasons later on. If he was treated better by his networks, 6Teen would be more than a cult favorite today.

9 My teenage robot life was lost in the mix of high-profile Nicktoons

To people outside of America, My life as a teenage robot is an integral part of their childhood. The Americans, meanwhile, would have been lucky if they had caught teen robot on television because Nickelodeon seemed determined to bury him. Despite a solid first season, teen robot was shuffled between bad slots and allowed to languish under bigger shows.

teen robot created alongside other young adult adventures like Danny Ghost and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it didn’t get its time in the spotlight and was later canceled after three seasons. These days, teen robot is looked back with fondness. Fans think it would have been a smash hit if Nickelodeon had let it become one.

8 Invader Zim Was Too Dark For Young Nickelodeon Audiences

Whether The Zim’s Invader current reputation is something to say, it seems to still be one of Nickelodeon’s most trusted and popular cartoons. The truth, however, is that Invader Zim barely lasted two seasons, and the last half of the second season never even made it to production. The Zim’s Invader the ratings were poor compared to other Nicktoons.

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Invader Zim wasn’t bad, but its brand of dark humor was too far ahead of the curve. It didn’t sit well with Nickelodeon viewers who, at the time, preferred more family-friendly comedies like The Fairly Odd Parents Where Sponge Bob SquarePants. Had Invader Zim airing in the 2010s, it reportedly found an audience and success almost immediately.

seven Sonic Boom was buried for the sake of Teen Titans Go!

Before Sonic the Hedgehog returned to the spotlight with two financially successful live-action movies, it struggled with some of the lowest points in its franchise. Supersonic Detonation came out during this rut, which was a shame because the show was actually funny. That being said, sonic boom the biggest problem wasn’t its association with critically acclaimed games.

Along with many other cartoons, Cartoon Network has given Supersonic Detonation a terrible early morning timeslot so that primetime times can be taped for reruns of The Teen Titans Go! Whether Supersonic Detonation got the chance he deserved, he could have sparked Sonic’s resurgence outside of video games much sooner.

6 Futurama has always been compared to The Simpsons

The 90s were some of The simpsons’ best years, and Fox wanted another hit adult cartoon to coincide with it. Walk in Futurama, which was made by some The simpsons’ key creatives and released in 1999. As good as by Futurama satire and characters were, it was always overshadowed by The simpsons.

Although he had decent ratings and a passionate fan base, Futurama had to be saved from cancellation more than once. Worse, he has never had as much influence or success as The simpsons, which is still going strong even decades after its peak. Futurama would have done better had it aired in the 2010s, when adult cartoons were enjoying a massive resurgence.

From their debut in 1930, the Looney Tunes were one of the most popular animated comedy troupes of all time. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all the rest were known for their goofy sketches and classic shorts, which is why their sitcom The Looney Tunes Show didn’t last long. However, it has aged better than expected.

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Besides the fact that Looney Tunes were outdated in the 2010s, The Looney Tunes Show replaced traditional slapstick humor with dialogue-heavy jokes. What else, The Amazing World of Gumball has undoubtedly taken up the torch of Looney Tunes. Given the current preference for dry animated comedies, The Looney Tunes Show was simply ahead of its time.

4 Batman Couldn’t Escape DC’s Animated Universe Legacy

The “problem” with Batman: The Animated Series was that he was so good that all future Batman cartoons seemed out of place to his most zealous fans. These incredibly high expectations and biases have prevented The Batman to become the Black Knight’s entrance into the New Millennium.

The Batman created when superhero cartoons were in their heyday and when American cartoons embracing anime sensibilities were the cool new trend. However, the show failed to click with audiences as it was not part of the then-current DCAU.. justified time The Batman, especially since successive Batman shows were even more polarizing.

3 Clerk: The animated series was condemned by Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Clerks: The Animated Series Couldn’t have come out at a better time for Kevin Smith. The cartoon based on his directorial debut was lit during the adult cartoon rush, which took place when Smith’s fame was at its peak. However, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? kill Clerks even before its release.

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ABC originally wanted to have a cartoon block, but after seeing Millionaire runaway success, they scrapped their cartoon plans and forced Clerks on the pavement. Despite its criminally short run of six episodes, Clerks endured as one of the most revered cartoon cult classics of all time, but it might have been a bigger hit had it aired outside of ABC.

2 Tuca and Bertie didn’t stand a chance against BoJack Horseman

For the majority, Tuca and Bertie was just the gender-reversed version of BoJack Rider. But if bojack was a serious and darkly funny drama, Tuca and Bertie was its own comedy about the ups and downs of young adulthood. Tuca and Bertie was well received by critics and fans, but Netflix canceled it after just one season.

At Tuca and Bertie’s reception couldn’t save it from low ratings and endless comparisons to BoJack Rider, which led to Netflix refusing to renew it. It would be one of the first of many controversial Netflix cancellations. Fortunately, Tuca and Bertie was revived by Adult Swim, who gave the show a massive promotional campaign and renewed it for a third season.

1 Infinity Train never had a fair chance before it was canceled

By all accounts, infinite train was not only one of Cartoon Network’s best original shows, but it was also one of the best cartoons of the decade. Despite its praise and high ratings, infinite train didn’t become the pop culture juggernaut it deserved to be. It wasn’t because of a more successful rival, but because his producers presumably didn’t want him to succeed.

infinity train the biggest competition was Cartoon Network and HBO Max, which continually tried to control or omit certain characters and themes the animators wanted to portray. Producers retaliated by not giving infinite train all commercials, and later canceling it and virtually erasing it from existence after the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery.

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